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More than five years, many people and investors, including international audit firms, US and Europe based investors, are depositing their savings with Alif. High demand for financing in Tajikistan drives high returns on investment. We have maintained healthy portfolio with low NPL levels by implementing good management practices, full collateralization and diversification.

Advantages of our Deposit



Earn annually up to 18% in TJS and 7% in USD



A leading international audit company in Tajikistan, BDO, keeps its savings at Alif



Revenue is shared according to pre-agreed ratio



Investor income is compounded on a monthly basis



Check your account balance online on online.alif.tj


It takes 10 minutes to open a deposit account


Term / On demand

Compare our saving options using our calculator


Open a Deposit account in USD or TJS

Sharing ratio

Choose optimal sharing ratio according to our sharing principles


Freely withdraw cash at our office or via SWIFT transfer

Top up

Deposits with one year or more years in duration can be topped up except for the last 3 months


No hassle in extending your deposit - we can do that automatically

All terms

Deposit Calculator


Opens only to non-residents
Example of calculating interest on the deposit is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer. Taxes will be deducted at final withdrawal (12%).

annual income

from 23 000

to 25 000

monthly income

from 2 000

to 3 000

Sharing ratio
to investor



from 23 to 25%

Achieve your investment goals

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To understand how great Alif service is, just try to experience the services of other banks. Have opened a deposit account, and they gave me a free credit card with lots of features. Excellent service. Alif is the future of banking in Tajikistan. This is exactly how the modern banks should look like.

Parvona Vakhobova

Sale Manager, International Airport Dushanbe

Alif is a role model for other financial institutions. It demonstrates on its own example that it’s possible to build a working financial system, which will support and contribute to the economic growth of the country as a whole. In this sense, Аlif is not afraid to experiment, test and launch new products to the market, one of which is alif.shop.

Almaz Saifutdinov

Economic advisor of ENT.TJ

I want to thank Alif. Very simple and fast service. Friendly staff and clean office. I recommend to everyone, have no doubt to work with this guys. The most honest bank in Tajikistan. I wish you good luck and keep it up!

Umed Saidov

Founder, King Tour Tajikistan

Top queries

Applying for a deposit account is easy. Visit our office or apply online. If you reside abroad, we can manage the process via email & SWIFT.
There is no minimum amount required to open a deposit with us.
To open deposit only passport is required.
Funds can be deposited in cash or via SWIFT transfer. click to see Alif requisites.
Freely withdraw cash at our office or via SWIFT transfer. click to see Alif requisites.
Deposit information and balances are always available on online.alif.tj
Income begins to accrue on the day your funds are deposited with (or reach by SWIFT) Alif.
If you have a liability at Alif at Alif, it can be paid automatically from your deposit. To set this up please fill out the application.
No. Alif pays the depositor income at the rate of return which is designated in the contract during the term of the contract. Alif at its own discretion may (but in no case is obliged to) pay extra as a gift.
Income is compounded daily and added to the deposit monthly.
Term account is ideal for long-term goals. If you want to be able to withdraw your deposit at any time prior to maturity, our On Demand account fits you best.
Income tax from deposit is 12%. We withhold this tax automatically when your income is paid.
Before 10th day of each month, Alif sends a short monthly report on the financing income from the deposit for the previous month.
There is no limit - you can have as many concurrent deposits as you want.
We provide consumer financing, auto-financing, and collateralized SME financing. Our average credit size is about $700.

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